Collaboration That Works!

Builder Program

Lets face it; we all have the same end goal…Provide a great service, complete each project on time, profitable, and on completion leave with a grateful client who is happy to give that referral and write that amazing review!

When you have a client who is unsure and unable to visualize and make decisions. We guide your clients through this stressful endeavor and are here to provide comfort and walk them thru step by step to ensure a better finished product for a job that runs smoothly and on time!

If you are bidding a job, boasting that you have an award winning designer in house can be used as leverage against your competitors!

How it works….

Our process is easy. Before a project we set up a meeting to discuss the client, scope of work, budget, any other important factors (This can be done on the phone or email, we know you have other things to do! :)

This is followed by an onsite discovery meeting with your client where we discuss the overall vision and review some options before going "shopping" for materials. Through our expert design guidance and with our remarkable digital 3D models, your clients will know exactly what they want before you begin the remodeling project. 

  • As Built Drawings, Floor plans, Elevations, 3D drawings
  • Act as go to for anything design-related, I am always available to answer questions that may arise throughout construction process
  • Meet with homeowner as a designer on your company’s behalf to shop for Tile, Countertops, Flooring, Finish Plumbing, Appliances, Cabinetry
  • Source, Order, Track, Confirm Inventory & Quantity, Coordinate Delivery for all design selections
  • Meet with you and your crew on job site prior to any install to confirm design specs
  • Stay in close communication with you to discuss progression and timeline


As the designer on your job not only is the homeowner more comfortable with this investment project, you can relax knowing that appliances fit and selected materials are rated to be applied for intended use, and avoid the hassle of reworking a finished project because client is unhappy with their choices. Leaving you with less margin for error and more room for punctuality and profits!

Despite the stigma often associated with contractors towards interior designers, you can rest assured knowing we have well over 10 years experience working with contractors in construction and remodel projects. We understand construction and excel at designing spaces that are realistic and structurally sound. We are here to as a resource and not a headache

It’s your job-site, we are here to work with you and the client to make life a little easier!

How much will this cost? 

  • Great Service and Low Overhead are what keeps you in business. With this in mind; we offer a few different options we can discuss where costs won't get in the way of either. It’s a Win Win!

It's a Win Win!

Let’s set a brief meeting where we can chat in person and see how a collaboration can be an asset to the business you have worked so hard to establish. 

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